Cargo and Freight Solutions

Experience unmatched cargo and freight expertise across industries

At AVMIN, we deliver unrivalled cargo and freight services across a wide range of sectors, tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of each industry.​

Mining and Resources

Our specialised handling of heavy machinery, equipment, and materials ensures timely delivery to remote mining sites. AVMIN’s logistics solutions optimise your supply chain, minimising downtime and maximising efficiency. For FIFO flight services, see here.

Oil and Gas

From equipment and pipelines to drilling tools and hazardous materials, AVMIN provides secure transportation services, adhering to the strictest safety regulations for the oil and gas industry.

Manufacturing and Industrial

AVMIN offers logistics solutions that facilitate the transport of raw materials, components, and finished goods. We ensure on-time delivery and streamline operations to keep your manufacturing processes running smoothly.

Hospitality and Event Management

AVMIN handles all logistics for hospitality and event management industries, from event equipment to staging materials. Our expertise in coordinating multiple shipments ensures your events are a success every time.

Government and Defense

We specialise in the unique requirements of the government and defence sectors and are experienced in transporting sensitive and confidential cargo, including military equipment, ammunition, and supplies. AVMIN adheres to strict security protocols to ensure confidentiality and precision. For medevac and evacuation flights, see here.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

AVMIN provides temperature-controlled transportation for vaccines, medicines, and other healthcare products, maintaining their integrity throughout the supply chain to meet the critical needs of the healthcare industry.

Aerospace and Aviation

We handle aircraft parts, engines, and other sensitive equipment, ensuring proper packaging, secure transportation, and full compliance with aviation regulations.


Offering specialised solutions for the automotive industry, AVMIN manages the transportation of vehicles, spare parts and components, driving efficiency and handling complex supply chains to meet your specific needs.

Leverage over 50 years of aviation expertise

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