Cargo and Freight

Avmin offers comprehensive cargo and freight solutions across various industries.

Avmin has the capability and expertise to handle cargo and freight requirements across a wide range of sectors, adapting its services to meet the specific needs of each industry.​

Mining and Resources

Avmin has expertise in handling heavy machinery, equipment, and materials required for mining operations. Their logistics solutions ensure timely delivery to remote mining sites, optimizing the supply chain and minimizing downtime.

Oil and Gas

Avmin provides specialized services for the transportation of equipment, pipelines, drilling tools, and other materials related to the oil and gas industry. They have experience in handling hazardous materials and adhering to stringent safety regulations.

Manufacturing and Industrial

Avmin offers logistics solutions for manufacturing and industrial sectors, helping them transport raw materials, components, and finished goods. They understand the importance of just-in-time delivery and can optimize supply chains to streamline operations.

Hospitality and Event Management

Avmin assists in the transportation of event equipment, staging materials, and other logistics required for the hospitality and event management industry. They can coordinate multiple shipments and handle complex logistics to ensure successful events.

Government and Defense

Avmin caters to the unique requirements of government and defense sectors. They are experienced in handling sensitive and confidential cargo, including military equipment, ammunition, and supplies. They adhere to strict security protocols and ensure confidentiality throughout the logistics process.

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Avmin understands the critical nature of pharmaceutical and healthcare logistics. They provide temperature-controlled transportation for vaccines, medicines, and other healthcare products, ensuring their integrity throughout the supply chain.

Aerospace and Aviation

Avmin has expertise in handling aerospace and aviation cargo, including aircraft parts, engines, and other sensitive equipment. They ensure proper packaging, secure transportation, and compliance with aviation regulations.


Avmin offers logistics solutions for the automotive industry, including the transportation of vehicles, spare parts, and components. They understand the specific requirements of the automotive sector and can manage complex supply chains efficiently.

Over 50 years of aviation experience.

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