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Setting New Standards in FIFO Flights Success

Unlock the full potential of your mining and construction operations and discover the unique advantages of AVMIN’s fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) charters and services.

Trusted by industry leaders, AVMIN offers seamless transportation solutions. We set the benchmark with our adherence to the highest safety standards, including BARS/WYVERN certification.

Empowering your workforce, elevating your business

Our FIFO solutions optimise your workforce’s time and enhance productivity while minimising unnecessary travel time. By partnering with AVMIN, FIFO companies can improve employee retention and operational efficiency.

Transform your FIFO experience with AVMIN's tailored solutions

We understand that FIFO programs vary across industries and the unique demands of the mining sector. That’s why we collaborate closely with you to tailor a program that aligns with your business objectives and cost considerations to meet your specific needs. Our comprehensive air charter services include:

  • Dedicated FIFO mining charter aircraft: We provide exclusive access to a fleet of charter aircraft specifically tailored to meet the mining industry’s needs.
  • Experienced FIFO crew and logistics management: Our team of experienced professionals handles every aspect of your operations, from crew scheduling to logistical planning, with precision and expertise.
  • Combined air, land, and camp logistics management: We streamline the transportation process by coordinating air, land, and camp logistics to ensure smooth transitions for your workforce.
  • Remote runway approvals, construction and airport management services: We navigate the complexities of remote locations, obtaining necessary approvals and managing airport facilities to facilitate your operations.
  • Private departure and arrival terminals: We prioritise your convenience and efficiency by offering private departure and arrival terminals, minimising wait times and maximising productivity.
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Unparalleled safety standards meet superior service

Safety is our top priority. As the first aviation service provider to achieve Flight Safety’s recognised standard, we operate according to stringent OGP standards, providing peace of mind and confidence in our services.

AVMIN is the first aviation service provider to achieve Flight Safety's recognized standard, specifically operating to the stringent OGP standards."

Your gateway to workforce efficiency and satisfaction

FIFO Benefits:

AVMIN Travel Tool

Simplify charter, bus, and campsite reservations for your FIFO staff with our intuitive web-based tool, which is available in real-time. This tool puts you in control, allowing you to manage your workforce's travel arrangements with ease.

Airport Management

Take control of your FIFO workforce's bookings easily using AVMIN's user-friendly, real-time website for managing charters, buses, and campsites.


Our award-winning health and well-being solution monitors workforce moods and trends, offering anonymous access to assistance organisations.

FIFO Travel Club

Partnering with Flight Centre Travel Group, we offer tailored getaway packages aligned with your workforce's roster swing patterns.

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