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Pioneers in Sporting and Group Travel Logistics, Setting the Standard Worldwide.

When it comes to organizing sporting events or group travel on a global scale, the logistics involved can be incredibly complex. AVMIN, a renowned leader in the aviation industry, has carved out a niche as a specialist in sporting and group travel. Through their expertise in both charter and commercial flights, AVMIN has earned a reputation for providing seamless and efficient logistics solutions, setting the standard for sporting and group travel worldwide.


"During the 6 week schedule, AVMIN provided over 60 passenger flights varying from turboprop to helicopters. Thanks AVMIN for your brilliant service."

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Sports Teams

We can arrange charters for professional and collegiate teams, fans, VIPs and sponsors to major sporting events across the globe.

Avmin Charter Concepts

Making the most of Charter Concepts can result in heightened brand awareness and corporate identity.

Events & Tours

Assisting event organisers with their logistics requirements.

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